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  • Support Coordination/ Support Connection

    is a capacity building support and our Support Coordinators are here to:

    • • Assist you to understand your NDIS plan to reach your goals.
    • • Connect you to different service providers and to the community.
    • • Help you to understand and manage your support budget.

  • Community Access/ Community Participation

    our experienced and friendly Support Staff will help you

    • • To go to places around town, your neighbourhood or by travelling with you on public transport.
    • • To travel to and attend your medical, dental, school or work appointments
    • • To assist you to try new activities or engage in different one like sports, arts, gardening or volunteering.

  • Daily Activity

    Getting a little help with daily activities means you will be empowered to stay active and independent as much as possible. Our Support Team can assist you with

    • • Personal care.
    • • To help you with tasks that you are unable to try or do for yourself.

  • Development-Life Skills

    Empowers the increase of independence and confidence. We can assist you to.

    • • Travel training.
    • • Doing household chores independently.
    • • Money management.
    • • Learn to use mobile phones, computers and tablets.